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The MUTAG BioChip™ - A high-performance biofilm carrier for MBBR/IFAS applications
The MUTAG BioChip™ - A high-performance biofilm carrier for MBBR/IFAS applications

Discover the MUTAG BioChip™

Engineered for excellence, our biofilm carriers optimize wastewater treatment processes, offering a sustainable, high-efficiency solution. Let the MUTAG BioChip™ elevate your water treatment to new heights.
Mutag Biochip

1. Experience effortless maintenance

With our self-cleaning carrier media, guaranteeing a consistently thin and actively engaged biomass, saving time, and ensuring continuous operation.

2. Maximize efficiency

With our advanced technology, allowing precise control over biofilm thickness to ensure optimal substrate and oxygen diffusion depths, unlocking unlimited potential for biological processes.

3. Unlock significant savings

With our technology’s reduced energy consumption for aeration and mixing, surpassing conventional carrier media, and enhancing sustainability without compromising performance

4. Ensure optimal biomass growth

With our innovative surface design, boasting a high-quality pore system that enhances bacteria colonization, bolstering security and efficiency.

Effortless biofilm technology development

The MUTAG BioChipTM works by providing a large surface area for microorganisms to thrive, forming a biofilm that naturally degrades pollutants in wastewater.


At MUTAG, our first step is to collaborate with the client to gather detailed project requirements through a comprehensive questionnaire, ensuring clarity and precision in technical details.


Our highly skilled technical department at MUTAG synthesizes information from step one to propose tailored solutions, ensuring clients envision themselves in the proposed application.


Our clients will receive our BioChips with a detailed installation guidance, ensuring a seamless implementation process.


MUTAG Pilot Plant

A cutting-edge mobile biological wastewater treatment pilot plant designed for seamless testing.

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20 years of experience

At MUTAG, we are driven by knowledge and dedicated to advancing biological, sustainable, and high-tech water treatment solutions.

With over 20 years of expertise in the field of Biological Water Treatment, we proudly stand among the leading manufacturers of Bio Media, committed to facilitating an effective solution for purification of water and wastewater.

MUTAG HQ is located in the oldest town of Denmark, Ribe. We are proud to be a part of LYNDDAHL Group, where we benefit from 50+ years of extensive production knowledge. This heritage serves as a solid foundation upon which we continue to innovate and excel, pushing the boundaries of possibility in the field of Biological Water Treatment.

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