Unleash the power of biological wastewater treatment with MUTAG BioChipTM

The MUTAG BioChip™ - A high-performance biofilm carrier for MBBR/IFAS applications
The MUTAG BioChip™ - A high-performance biofilm carrier for MBBR/IFAS applications

Security for biomass

Ensure optimal biomass growth with our innovative surface design, boasting a high-quality pore system that enhances bacteria colonization, bolstering security and efficiency.

Optimal diffusion depth

Maximize efficiency with our advanced technology, allowing precise control over biofilm thickness to ensure optimal substrate and oxygen diffusion depths, unlocking unlimited potential for biological processes.

Self cleaning

Experience effortless maintenance with our self-cleaning carrier media, guaranteeing a consistently thin and actively engaged biomass, saving time, and ensuring continuous operation.

Reduced energy consumption

Unlock significant savings with our technology’s reduced energy consumption for aeration and mixing, surpassing conventional carrier media, and enhancing sustainability without compromising performance.

Increased surface area

Maximize bacterial growth potential with our technology’s increased surface area, fostering higher biomass concentration within carrier media pores and ultimately reducing volume requirements for enhanced efficiency.

Long life material

Experience durability at its finest with our paraboloid-shaped media, fortified with a protection ring to ensure longevity without the need for frequent replacements.

Wide-range application

Versatility meets efficiency with our media, crafted for seamless integration across all biological treatment applications. Whether it is wastewater treatment plants, bioreactors, or sewage systems, trust our solution to deliver optimal results every time.

No dead zones

Unlock maximum efficiency with our media, engineered to eliminate dead zones and optimize the utilization of every inch of surface area for biological processes. Say goodbye to wasted space and hello to unparalleled performance in your treatment system.

Easy retrofit & upgrade

Perfect for retrofitting existing systems or when space is limited, our media offers a hassle-free solution without the need for additional tank construction. Enjoy simplified management and operation of your treatment plants, ensuring seamless integration and efficient performance.

Low production of sludge

Experience streamlined operations with our media, engineered to minimize sludge production through precise control over biomass thickness. Enjoy cleaner processes and reduced maintenance, ensuring optimal performance with minimal waste.

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Effortless biofilm technology development

The MUTAG BioChipTM works by providing a large surface area for microorganisms to thrive, forming a biofilm that naturally degrades pollutants in wastewater.


A thorough understanding off your needs

At MUTAG, our initial approach involves partnering closely with our clients to gain a thorough understanding off their needs and project objectives. Through a structured questionnaire tailored to extract specific technical details, we ensure that all necessary information is gathered efficiently and comprehensively.

This collaborative process allows us to establish a clear roadmap for the project and ensures that our solutions align perfectly with our clients’ expectations and requirements.


A customized solution for your unique needs

At MUTAG, our amazing technical department plays a pivotal role in step two of our process. Leveraging the detailed information gathered in step one, our team meticulously analyzes and synthesizes data to develop customized proposals for solving our clients’ challenges.

By presenting solutions that are specifically tailored to address their unique needs and requirements, we empower our clients envision to themselves seamlessly integrated into the proposed application, fostering confidence and clarity in our partnership.


Delivery & detailed installation guidance

At MUTAG, we believe in providing our clients with not only our technical knowledge, but also the support they need to make the best installation possible. When clients reach step three of our process, they experience the excitement of receiving our BioChips, which represent the culmination of their journey towards more efficient water treatment. But we do not just stop at delivery.

Along with our BioChips, clients also receive detailed installation guidance from our team of experts. This guidance is designed to make the implementation process as smooth and straightforward as possible, ensuring that clients can begin reaping the benefits of our innovative water treatment solutions without delay.

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