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Press Release: Ambitious partnership in LYNDDAHL Group

Press Release: Ambitious partnership in LYNDDAHL Group

Ambitious partnership in LYNDDAHL Group


Rasmus Brøndum Lynddahl, who is the 2nd generation owner and has been managing LYNDDAHL A/S for many years, has entered a new ambitious partnership with Michael Bayer Thomsen.

Michael comes with many years of experience as CEO of Letbek A/S, which is known for an innovative DNA and as a pioneer in plastic recycling. Michael was in charge of the sale of Letbek to Zirq Solutions, where he has been CEO until now.

Michael has several positions of trust, including as Vice Chairman of the Danish Plastics Industry and Chairman of the Climate Partnership - Production Companies.

The idea and the common ambition for the new partnership is that Rasmus and Michael complement each other, and they see an exciting joint opportunity to expand and internationalize LYNDDAHL Group with sustainable and circular initiatives and products.

Michael and Rasmus will constitute the Executive Board with a division of roles, where Michael will be responsible for strategy development and Rasmus will focus on the operation of LYNDDAHL and MUTAG.

Rasmus and Michael are inspired by creating and developing business and at the same time being very close to both the strategic and operational management decisions.They look forward to working with the current management team and organization to run LYNDDAHL and MUTAG and to initiating new projects and creating growth in LYNDDAHL Group.


LYNDDAHL Group was established in 2019 and owns the companies LYNDDAHL, LYNDDAHL Ejendomme and MUTAG.

LYNDDAHL celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, and the company is a leading specialist in hoses and bio carriers and known for high quality and innovation.

MUTAG, which was acquired in 2019, is a specialist and leader in biochips and solutions for biological water purification.

Michael Bayer Thomsen has bought 25% of LYNDDAHL Group and the partnership officially starts on 1 September 2024.

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