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Biological Containerized Wastewater Treatment Plant

In 2021, our collaboration with Wastewater Solutions Group GmbH resulted in the successful implementation of a containerized wastewater treatment plant in Point Fortin, Trinidad and Tobago. Using our MUTAG BioChip™, the plant efficiently treats wastewater from a 500-bed hospital, boasting easy operation and long-term sustainability. Grateful for the partnership, we anticipate more eco-friendly installations ahead.

Biological Containerized Wastewater Treatment Plant

A Success Story in Trinidad and Tobago

In 2021 we finished an exciting project with our great partner Wastewater Solutions Group GmbH from Bachmanning in Upper Austria.

With our MUTAG BioChip™, they successfully implemented a fully biological containerized wastewater treatment plant which has been in operation since April 2020. The purpose was to treat the wastewater of a hospital in Point Fortin, a city in the Caribbean island state of Trinidad and Tobago, off the Venezuelan coast.

The plant was designed to treat the wastewater from a 500-bed hospital and consists of a 40-foot ISO standard container including a pumping station, bioreactor compartment with MUTAG BioChip™ and an excess sludge removal devise. It has been commissioned throughout 2020 and has been running at best performance for several months now. The plant is easy to operate through local operators and guarantees a long-live operation while only using a small footprint at site.

We would like to thank Wastewater Solutions Group GmbH for the great cooperation! We are looking forward to install further sustainable solutions in the future.

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