MUTAG in Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant

Since 2010, the MUTAG BioChip™ has effectively treated wastewater at a nitrification reactor, handling a maximum sewage flow rate of 1,260 m3/h. Substituting abraded foam-type carriers, it ensures discharge quality requirements are consistently met for approximately 50,000 PE values, maintaining operational success.

MUTAG in Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant

We supplied the MUTAG BioChip™ for the tertiary treatment step

The carrier media is operated in a nitrification reactor (MBBR as polishing stage) with a maximum sewage flow rate through the respective MBBR tank of 1,260 m3/h. Approx. 50,000 PE values are being treated in this WWTP.

Abraded foam-type carrier have been substituted with the MUTAG BioChip™.

The plant has been in operation since 2010 and the related discharge quality requirements have been safely attained at any time since the commissioning until today.

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